Blog Tips from the Unemployed

Bloggers can learn valuable tips from the unemployed.

Blogs are about marketing yourself.  When you’ve got a stable life style with a cushy job, it’s easy to get lazy and forget the importance of networking, learning new things, blogging, or just plain marketing and keeping your name and business out in front of everyone.

The unemployed don’t have that luxury. They either market themselves aggressively and consistently or they don’t get the interview or a foot in the door.

Blogs are a personal means for presenting yourself to the world, and the youngest of the unemployed (those most recently out of college) understand the need to differentiate themselves better than those searching for jobs with years of experience.

The experienced among us like to market based on experience.  They start promoting themselves with resumes and dip their toes in the social media waters through LinkedIn.

The young and young-at-heart are doing cannonball jumps into the social media lake with blogs, SlideShare, Twitter, FriendFeed and delicious.  I’m a voracious reader, but even I can’t keep up.

A wise young person to follow is Charlie Hoehn who put together a SlideShare presentation on how to market yourself for his college graduate peers.  He won a virtual internship with marketing guru Seth Godin, and has credibility as someone who knows how to differentiate himself and get the job (albeit an unpaid one).

Charlie quotes Alex Mann (another wise young man) who advises the recently graduated but yet employed to: “use this time to create a story for yourself – business, philanthropic, or otherwise.”  There, in a nutshell, is the advice for bloggers.  “Create a story for yourself.”

Blogs should not be jumbles of thoughts, but the start of a coherent and cohesive story; blogs are storyteller’s dreams in the social media age.

Just as the unemployed are asked to imagine their dream job, envision your dream blog, then get writing.

Rhona Bronson

Rhona Bronson started down the social media path in 2006 with her blog and there’s been no turning back. “It opens you up to the world of possibilities,” she notes. She has helped dozens of executives enter into the social media world as part of their marketing growth plans. Her background spans both the B:B and B:C world with experience in publishing, printing, consulting, association, small business and corporate marketing and communications. She came to marketing from the communications side, starting with training in journalism from Syracuse University. With experience in all marketing genres — from Twitter to Transit Advertising — she brings a broad toolkit of skills to any marketing project. Her ability to integrate clear writing with creativity has made her a sought-after expert in developing results-oriented marketing programs for today’s challenging times. Today, she leads the Plaza Consulting Group as its Marketing Strategist specializing in integrating social media into business marketing plans.