Can Podcasting be beneficial to your blog?

When I switched from a Blackberry to an iPhone I rediscovered my love for Podcasts.  I found myself downloading and subscribing to hundreds of them.  I would conveniently have them with me during the day  and when I would do a remedial task I would listen to the news or any other interest that seems to occupy time that I do not have.

Anderson Cooper  has a podcast, Fox News. Even Sites that teach secondary languages have Podcasts.  My favorite guilty pleasure has been the fashion podcasts from various media outlets.  The Fashion Weeks were such a delight in the palm of my hand.  I found myself becoming a little dependent on them for news and information that I normally would only get to once or twice a week.

In the quest for expanding my writing portfolio, I found myself writing for a Daytime TV site.  While in College I developed a love for the dramatic.  It was nice to see it onscreen and not in my own life.

Because of the work with this Site I found myself subscribing to various podcasts regarding Daytime Television.  One of them is Daytime Confidential.

I have become an avid listener as well as an true fan for the creativity and humor that stems  from listening to the Panel and their banter.  I found myself following them on Twitter.  Eventually becoming a “Fan” on Facebook as well as befriending some of the Comedic Contributors.

A strange thing happened from listening to a podcast for a site I had never heard of; I found myself visiting their site and forums, commenting daily and sharing with them via Twitter, Facebook and their Blog.

I started wondering about the benefits of podcasting for your blog.   I of course turned to Google to find my answers.

Mashable has an article that includes links as to how to create your on podcast for free. If interested, I found it very informative.

Upon further reading on other sites I found that podcasting is a great tool for those who want to share their content.  It promotes what you have to say, your credibility improves, it is even great for your SEO – Search Engines seek out Podcast Docking on sites.

While I have heard some pretty boring people talk  with some annoying voices, I always have the option to tune out.

But the content being delivered creatively, such as that of Daytime Confidential, motivated me to listen as well as visit the site daily.

When promoting a Blog’s success and subscription it may be worth a try.

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  1. October 3, 2009 at 12:08 pm

    Very cool! Thanks for the heads up on this! I ended up using Odiogo, which was the focus of that Mashable article. It’s quick, simple, and FREE.

    For those using Odiogo, you’ll need to ensure that both your Blog and RSS feed display “Full text” instead of a “Summary”, otherwise the podcast will only play back the summary portion and not the full article. Odiogo’s FAQ page instructs you how to do this on various blogging and RSS platforms:

    My minor complaint with Odiogo though is that you don’t have much control. You cannot choose a male vs. female voice, the voice is somewhat robotic, and there is no account you can log into from Odiogo’s website to manage your podcasts or view statistics, etc.

    Maybe I’ll find an even better tool in the future…
    – – –
    Charles Weatherhead

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