More Bloggers and Other Business People Will Use Web Video? (Part 2)

On-Cam Finger

Are the obstacles to video blogging and business-use of video (direct, business-to-business, business-to-consumer[s] video communication) on the web possible to overcome?  That is, may we find ways to make it over potential hurdles regarding our personal comfort on camera and the production value of  the videos we’re in?

I know there’s a few “Do-It-Yourself” things we could do — say, studying a copy of Video Blogging for Dummies and other similar books.  Video Blogging for Dummies

But I’d keep in mind that books on video-blogging and so forth have been out there for a while (2006 seems to have been the kick-off year for the release of video blogging books) and still video-blogging and business-use of video communications is off-the-radar for most bloggers and business-people.

We might also do a great deal of trial-and-error practice with our web cams or perhaps other teleconferencing gear we might have at a conference room at the office.

And we could shoot a few things ourselves and ask our co-workers, friends and family what they think.

But may we always count on co-workers, friends and family to level with us? That is, lay-it-on-the-line as to whether they like or dislike what they see us doing on video — say “Vlogging ,” commercials for our business, video media interviews, video group sales?

So, maybe self-instruction and criticism from familiar people isn’t quite enough when it comes to working on camera.  Maybe business people need a little instruction from folks out there who have actually made their living working or producing others on camera.

Personally, I think such professional instruction might be one of the missing links that addresses issues related to business-peoples’ comfort on-camera and the general production value of the video communications they are involved in.

Next post, “Part III:”  What kind of on-camera instructional service industry I would think would emerge and why I’m surprised it hasn’t as yet)

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