Flip UltraHD Camera: Vlogger’s New Best Friend?

I’m going to be at the BlogWorldExpo ’09 in Las Vegas from this Thursday evening – Saturday, October 15-17.

If all goes well I’m planning to shoot some video there using a Flip UltraHD camera — a surprisingly high-quality and affordable ($200 retail, $170 + shipping online) means of shooting a couple hours of HD video (720P).

Fliplas vegas

These little Flip UltraHD  video cameras might be a vlogger’s best friend (Of course, “the proof is in the pudding” — so, let’s first see what kind of video I come back with)

I  know a cinematographer in LA that normally shoots with very expensive professional film and HD video gear.  And he even has one of these Flip UltraHD cameras in his camera bag– presumably for when he’s shooting  reality-show video and doesn’t want to make “subjects” nervous.

(his subjects may think:  “the camera man is just playing around trying to line up a still-shot of us… That’s not a video camera he’s been aiming at us for the last 15 minutes, right?…right?!”)