Adding Excitement to Your Blog: Communicate in Person

I was just trolling through the blog of my friend Annie Hart, “Stories That Change the World,” and I realized how exciting her blog is.  She uses video extensively and her writing is fresh and appealing.

Granted, she promotes story telling as a distinctive means of communication so it makes sense to see her in action.  But, I thought, don’t people want to see me in action, too, even though I have a much more focused business blog?

That got me to thinking that we’ve all become too attuned, maybe, to communicating through IPhones, Blackberries and online.  We don’t have enough personal interaction.   Blackberry

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve almost been run over on the sidewalks of New York City by a person looking down, totally engrossed in her PDA.  And in New York it’s not easy to become oblivious to the throngs of pedestrian traffic.  But that’s what we’re doing – tuning out the personal interaction.

I was sitting in coffee shop the other day and four young women were eating at the next table.  Not a word was being spoken as they all exercised their thumbs text messaging, surfing the Internet and playing games.

I honestly find this all a bit scary.  As bloggers, we need to figure out ways to add the human touch to our blogs.  How about doing a video introduction of your next guest blogger, even though he may be writing a blog and not doing a video or podcast?  Or what about a video of yourself on your “About” page discussing your credentials, your goals, your business and your values?

Mind you, I’m somewhat like the cobbler with a hole in her shoes.  I haven’t done all this yet, but I do know I need to get more of me in my blog.  Annie is going to help me figure it out.

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  1. October 30, 2009 at 8:18 am

    I’ve been thinking about doing this very thing – a 30 second video on my blog. What I wasn’t sure of was where to do it? Your idea about putting it in the About page is good but I’m not sure it would be seen that often. I think I’ll do a 30 sec re-intro as a post and ask for feedback about using video in the text portion. Hmm. Now another project to keep me busy! Thanks.

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