140 Character Conference L.A., 2009

October 27th and 28th I attended Jeff Pulver’s (@jeffpulver) 140 Character Conference in LA.   Here’s a synopsis of what the event is about according to the 140conf.com site:

“At the #140conf event, we look at Twitter as a platform and as a language we speak. Over time it will neither be the only platform nor the only language. #140conf is not an event about  microblogging or the place where people share Twitter “tips and techniques” but rather where we explore the effects of the emerging real-time Internet on Business.

The 140 Character Conference is also held in NYC and London.  But in LA it is done at the Kodak Theatre where the Academy Awards are held each Spring.    140 Characters Conference

So, there’s a little, amusing Oscar’s kitsch involved due to the location.

For example, a panel speaking beyond their allotted 15 minute time is treated to the sound of  the Academy Awards music an Academy Award-Winner hears after s(he’s) stood at the podium too long thanking too many people and shouting-out for too many causes.

So, some funny stuff to see (And occasional adult language).  Anyway,  the first 7 clips I am going to show you are between 15-30 seconds long and just establish the event location.  Please don’t spend time watching the full length of each of these first 7 as they were really supposed to be edited in to something itself only a total of about 30-60  seconds long:

OK, now on to the start of some of the “meat and potatoes” of the event itself —  the first of the talks  I saw given by the event speakers in the Auditorium in the afternoon, October 27  (Note: I was unavailable to see the morning’s speakers).

The panelists were Jack Gray (@jackgraycnn, Producer/Writer for Anderson Cooper 360), Soleil Moon Frye (@moonfryeActress, Director and Screenwriter), Jane Buckingham (@Jane_BuckinghamThe Modern Girl’s Guide To Life)  and Jeff Pulver (@jeffpulver, Tech Guru and Producer of the 140 Characters Conference)

Additional Note: This above first post in this series of 15 will probably be the longest or one of the longest in terms of the length of the video content it “corrals.”  Subsequent posts are likely to be much shorter.

In addition to showing other talks at the event, many of the future posts will concern individual interviews with corporate representatives at 140 Character Conference booths with regards to their specific Twitter applications or other sites/software products.

(By the way, my personal Twitter address — something I wasn’t really looking to arrange until the 140 Conference turned me around — is “@ChrisFranklin11“).

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