Monthly Archives: November 2009

Google Wave

Jeff Pulver, the producer of the 140 Conferences, mentioned he was sending invitations to use the Google Wave service to everybody who attended the 140 Conferences. So I signed up to use Wave about a month ago after receiving Pulver’s invite.

Well, I searched around on my Google Wave account for a while and didn’t find anybody I knew using it. So, my Wave account sat idle for a few weeks — Waves would seem to need other people to really show their stuff (preferably other people you work with).

Legal Ramifications – Defamation Law – Libel and Slander

As social media develops, “mainstreams” and becomes a part of everyday life, one of the consequences is that posted blog articles will increasingly be subject to the claims of our litigious legal system. This is certainly true in the United States – but because the Internet has few boundaries, whatever you write can become fodder for claims anywhere in the world.

Do Tech Readers Still Need To Learn How To Blog?

It’s November 24, 2009 and Wired News shows a post titled, How to Start a Blog, in its How-To Wiki.
I at first thought Wired was attempting to give humor publication, The Onion, a run for its money with the post.
But once I was “squared” with what Wired was doing with its How-To Wiki, I recognized that “How to Start a Blog” was a legitimate post.
Since it is published on Wired News in the Wiki format — one in which posts are user-generated and/or edited and the people writing them are not likely Wired staffers — it is interesting for me to see a How-to Wiki user put this post up.

Hedge Your Bets With Multiple Twitter Accounts

Like I mentioned in the email we’ve been using @TheBloggersBull as the Twitter address for the site (for about the last 3 months). True, it represents the first 15 characters of The Bloggers Bulletin and it may be somewhat amusing to say or hear for some (actually that “some” probably represents just me; and any amusement I got from it lasted about 5 minutes, 3 months ago). But it doesn’t seem like it represents the content of the site very well.

Book Review: Inbound Marketing

The concept of Inbound Marketing is for people to find you not for you to find people. This approach uses Social Media to make it easier for your potential fans, followers or tribesmen to find you.

The traditional marketing model (Outbound) relied on you actively pursuing customer or followers. Big companies spent big bucks on this model and it mostly worked but not anymore — Social Media has changed the game.