What is Google Wave?

The Billy Bush talk on Twitter in 140 Characters Conference (Part 2 of 15)  actually followed a previous panel — the subject of this post — which spoke mostly about the new Google application, Google Wave.  140 Characters Conference

According to Google, Wave functions as the following:

” …an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration.  A wave can be both a conversation and a document where people can discuss and work together using richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps and more.”

Early in the talk, Greg Dalesandre, Product Manager for Google Wave  mentioned that,Google Wave and Twitter are cousins if you will.”

In the following clips totaling approximately 12 minutes you’ll hear from a panel composed of the following members (from right to left):

  • Jeff Pulver (@jeffpulver) 140 Character Conference Producer and renowned VOIP and Tech Guru
  • Greg Dalesandre (@gregd) — Product Manager, Google Wave
  • “Alex” :  Software Engineer on Google Wave (He provides only his first name and is, unfortunately, not mentioned on the event schedule;  presumably he’s there to help flesh-out the description of Wave)
  • Michael Killian (@MichaelJKillian) Avaya Director of ‘Endpoint Devices’

First clip: (5:47)

Starts with Jeff Pulver, then introductions by Greg Dalesandre, Alex and Michael Killian.  Leads in to a discussion between Pulver and Killian and about real time communications and Pulver’s speculation regarding the origins behind of the popularity of text and IM services, the  lack of improvement in the telephone network (allegedly) since 1957 and the reasons he suspects high-definition telephony is needed.  Greg Dalesandre then discusses Google Wave, Jeff Pulver tells the audience he will send links to everyone there to allow them to establish Google Wave accounts, and Dalesandre finishes.

Second Clip:  (8:15)

Alex discusses Wave,  then Jeff Pulver initiates  discussion on new product development cycles — for example,  Google Wave vs. other, “traditional” communications platforms and hardware.  Greg Dalesandre and Alex then discuss how use of Google Wave has born out in reality thus far and how user-driven “unintended consequences” have already emerged —  “news rooms that want to self-organize (using Wave)”.  Jeff Pulver closes the session.