The Power of Twitter

Successful blogs not only contain insight and are written by talented authors, but also develop a brand through creative marketing tactics. Do you have novel ideas and analysis but struggle in attracting followers? I highly suggest utilizing social networking resources, such as Twitter, to generate traffic to your site. 

Not only do writers have to choose tactical meta tags and keywords, but also have to be aggressive and take some initiative.

I started my blog just a few months back and gradually developed some following. Right off the bat, I made sure to tell my family, friends, and other acquaintances about my blog. Soon enough people were talking and the word spread.

Social networking tools are an excellent way to generate traffic. Join relevant LinkedIn groups and post your blog articles in the discussion sections. Network with similar writers. Learn from other bloggers and be open to ideas. Stay active. For me, one of my most successful tactics has been utilizing Twitter.  black twitter

Using Google Analytics, about 10% of my total site visits come from Twitter. The Twitter search tool is very powerful, so make sure you optimize your tweet (remember, 140 characters or less) so that users are coming to you. Another 5% of my visits come from Facebook.

I have a plug-in for WordPress that automatically updates my Twitter status when I create a new post. Since I have my Twitter linked to Facebook, my Facebook status changes as well. Twitter and Facebook alone make up 15% of my website traffic.

If you stay active on Twitter, you will be surprised how powerful it can be. Follow users that write about similar topics as you. Comment on their posts. From my experiences, the blogging community is generally very supportive and open to sharing ideas.

Offering suggestions and commenting on people’s posts can be very powerful. As mentioned earlier, it takes some persistence. Of course, you won’t generate traffic over night, but gradually, people will come to you.

In order for people to come to you, you have to reach out to them first.

Think of your blog as a start-up. When Apple first started, Steve Jobs probably spent a lot of time and money marketing his product. Now, the products speak for themselves. Although Apple spends a lot of advertising dollars, people still go to Apple on their own. Good ideas spread.

Every now and then, people comment on my Twitter offering suggestions, ideas, or opinions about my posts. What I’ve essentially done is expand my blog to the Twitter community. That’s one powerful community.

Think about it this way, when you tell your friends and family about your blog, they start talking. If you tell the Twitter community, Twitter users will start talking. Well, tweeting.

Another way to utilize Twitter is to find out about what people are interested in. By analyzing the hot topics, you can gear the subject of your blog post around what people want to read or hear about.

In general, successful blog writers are very proactive. Only the pilot can control where you land, not the passengers. Be a pilot, not a passenger.

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