Helps Bloggers “Mine” Twitter

140 Characters Conference

I talked with Dave Matthews at People Browsr on the first day of the 140 Conference:

Later, after going to, I found its search page. lets you search Twitter within the following new parameters (new to me at least):

  1. Bio  Search — Search in profile/bios
  2. Authority Search — By number of followers
  3. Link Search — By posts containing links
  4. Location — Enter a zip code if you wish
  5. Sentiment — You may apparently focus the search with keywords which would tend to convey  consumer sentiment within tweets
  6. Lists — Within Twitter lists

And the results refresh every 30 seconds.

People Browsr’s Twitter search at does, in fact, look like a tool bloggers might use to “mine” Twitter to find experts who specialize in subject matter along the same lines as that of  their blogs.