The WordCamp Phenomenon

WordPressMost bloggers know of or use WordPress.  If ever there was a “killer app” for anything on the web, WordPress is definitely it.

But have you ever been to a Wordcamp?

WordCamp is sort of like a mini-convention for WordPress users. A blogger’s convention, really, but with some fun technical stuff about WordPress as well.

I went to one in Surrey, British Columbia a few months ago and was so inspired by what I found there, that I decided to plan my own. I live in a relatively small city, Victoria, British Columbia (about 350,000 people live in the area).

Using only Twitter, and Facebook to promote the event, I sold 50 tickets in the first week. The event is this Saturday, and we are almost up to 100.

It’s a lot of work – organizing speakers, finding a venue, promoting the event, finding sponsors (not essential, but I found 7 for ours). This said, the event is an amazing opportunity to bring together the local WordPress community and share ideas. We have a number of people coming from all around – Vancouver, British Columbia, Seattle, Washington – even Saint John, New Brunswick!

My website design company,, is the title sponsor of the event, and my website hosting company, dotcanuck Web Services, is the web hosting sponsor. Needless to say, there are 100 people that may not have heard of us before who will certainly know who we are now!

I’ll do a follow-up post after the event to let everyone know how it went.