Writing Your Blog With Word Tracker by Your Side

I just want to be sure you know about a nifty tool called “Word Tracker SEO Blogger.” If you use Firefox, you can add the Word Tracker plugin to your browser and actually see the key words that people are searching as you are writing your blog.  So, you can be sure you put your important key words in your copy.  Go to SEO Blogger: Optimize Your Posts As You Write to download the plugin.   wordtracker 2

After installing the browser plugin, when you go into your dashboard, you will see a “W” in the lower right corner.  Click on it and up pops a column on the left for you to enter your key words.  Don’t despair if the “W” isn’t on your screen.  It wasn’t and still isn’t on mine.  Simple solution is to go to the Tools bar and click on Wordtracker.

Let me give you an example using two of my key words, “business communication.”  When I type them in and hit Search, the following key words are the most searched:  business communication, effective business communication, and nonverbal communication in business.  The latter key words actually gave me the idea to write a blog on that topic.  So, in addition to tracking what key words are being searched now, you’ll get ideas for content.

Hope you enjoy having “Word Tracker” by your side.

Jeannette Paladino, Write Speak Sell