The CEO of Technorati on the State of the Blogosphere

The Social Media World Forum (North America) occurred last week, but I think the video I have from it is still “fresh” despite my regrettable delay in posting clips of it.   Richard Jalichandra

In this clip (2:49) you’ll see Richard Jalichandra, CEO of Technorati, discuss the following points:

  • Microblogging (Twitter, Facebook status updates) has seen a huge growth in popularity.
  • Microblogging has actually stimulated more activity in the blogosphere.
  • The rise of professional bloggers.
  • Blogging has become mainstream; traditional media has embraced the style and tools of blogging.
  • Blogs are media.
  • More people are reading blogs than ever before and blogs have had a strong political impact.
  • More advertisers are advertising on blogs than ever before.
  • Blogs and social media are great marketing vehicles.

(If you need to “puke” with me while viewing this clip due to all of my movement of the camera, I understand.  My location in the room dictated quite a bit :-(.

You might just “minimize” the window and listen to the audio and forgo the video.  The audio communicates Mr. Jalichandra’s points very well in this case)