Do Tech Readers Still Need To Learn How To Blog?

It’s November 24, 2009 and Wired News shows a post titled,  How to Start a Blog,  in its How-To Wiki.  Wired News

At first I thought Wired was attempting to give humor publication, The Onion, a run for its money with the post.

But once I was “squared” with what Wired was doing with its How-To Wiki,  I recognized that “How to Start a Blog” was a legitimate post.

Since it is published on Wired News in the Wiki format — one in which posts are user-generated and/or edited and the people writing them are not likely Wired staffers — it is interesting for me to  see a How-to Wiki user put this post up.

Perhaps it was an effort to fill a gap in Wiki’s list of How-tos or perhaps it was something else.  Frankly,  the post could’ve been the result of any number of dynamics.

But I still ask myself:  even with the advent of Microblogging (or see The Onion’s, Macroblogging) is it possible that there may, theoretically, even be tech readers let alone business readers — who are potentially just getting their feet wet with plain, old blogging?

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  1. November 25, 2009 at 1:53 pm

    My direct experience is that there are slews of people “out there” still needing/wanting to learn How to Blog — but they certainly aren’t reading as many blogs as “we” are.

    That being said, (1) Knowing How and (2) Being able to consistently post are quite different animals.

    I’m hoping to start a business helping people put out consistent blog posts. Wish me luck

  2. November 26, 2009 at 3:47 am

    I think I read that, as it stands, 6% of people online have started some kind of blog. If you include Microblogging and the potential growth of blogging in general in new circles, then I say you might see the percentage of bloggers ascend to 20-30% of online users or more in, say 5 years.

    Personally, I think business people were watching their steps for the last, near decade with regards to blogs because blogging itself might not have passed muster eye-to-eye with the terms of their employment or with their companys’ counsels.

    But I get the impression after attending a recent 140 Characters Conf. that a business consensus might be emerging that it’s better to let company employees blog/microblog under certain guidelines than force them in to blogging in an anonymous and unsupervised fashion.

    With these legal restrictions loosened up, that means we are looking at potential growth in the blogging field from people who were heretofore silent in the “blogosphere.”

    And good luck in your new business, Shari! :-)

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