Brainwriting for Bloggers

If you’ve ever gotten stuck for ideas to write about on your blog, you could try brainwriting with your friends.  This is a take-off on the familiar brainstorming sessions where people contribute their ideas to problem solving in a freewheeling – some would say free-for-all – setting.  Brainstorming is a proven technique and I’ve participated in and facilitated many sessions myself.  Friends

But there are some advantages to brainwriting.  Ideas are written on paper so the usual loudmouths don’t dominate the session.  There are many variations on the technique, but one is to state a problem that you want solved – you’re out of ideas for your blog.  Just say, for example, that you are blogging about gardening tips for spring planting.  You’ll want to get in on this conversation after the first of the year when gardeners are beginning to think about planting their gardens.

So, here is the question you can pose:  what new tips can I offer on gardening that are truly unique?  There probably aren’t any “truly unique” tips but using these words let loose people’s creativity.   They will no doubt come up with some wacky ideas.  But out of these wacky ideas there may be some gems for blog posts.  To mix things up a bit more, have each participant pass along his piece of paper with ideas to the participant to his right.  It’s her job to build on the ideas of the originator of the ideas.  Then pass along the pages again for yet more commentary on the original ideas – people will begin getting inspirations for new ideas as they see what others have come up with.

You probably won’t use most of the ideas generated.  But maybe the exercise will liberate you from your writer’s block and suggest fresh new ways to dish up your content.  Remember that when it comes to idea generation, two heads are better than one, four heads are better than two, and so on.

Jeannette Paladino

Write Speak Sell