Need Motivation for Your New Year’s Resolutions? Read This!

Have you ever met an adult who doesn’t wish that they had just a few more hours in their day?  The spirit of this post is to encourage you to make better use of time by making sure that you spend time on things that are important to you and on the things that you enjoy doing the most.

  • Write Down Your Resolutions or Goals  resolutions

Successfully achieving New Year’s resolutions or any goals for that matter involves goal setting. While there are so many books available that provide different strategies for setting goals and achieving goals, I’ve not found a better book than Gary Greenfield’s “Life’s Ride or Fall…You Make the Call.”

There are several reasons that I like this book, but probably the number one reason is that it is just so easy and fun to read. In fact, I didn’t even get the book with the intent of using it to help me set goals-it was just a positive by-product of reading the book.

Greenfield’s book can be read in just a few sittings and covers some pretty meaty topics in a light and very enjoyable way. I read the book last year, and it inspired me to create my own blog and maintain consistent posts, as well as to develop an on-line identity. If you need some inspiration to get your goals in order, then this book is for you!

  • Include strategies to make the most productive use of time, so you can spend more time doing the things that you truly enjoy

One trick I found to add more time in my day was to purchase and use a CardScan.
If you spend any time face-to-face networking and collecting business cards, this is an inexpensive and efficient way to get customer and prospect contact information into your database.

The concept behind using a CardScan is simple: instead of relying on data entry to update new contact information from business cards, cards get scanned into a mini scanner and an electronic database is instantly created. I’ve written a post on my own blog titled “CardScan Your Virtual Administrative Assistant” that provides more detail if you think this may be a time-saver for you.

  • Include goals to recognize those who are important to you

Busy professionals often take for granted family members, or important clients. One really easy way to recognize people that are important to you is to acknowledge them on their birthday.

The 2 most common reasons for not doing this are that we forget, or we simply don’t know someone’s birthday. helps on both fronts, and it is 100% free! Not only will it you send you a reminder e-mail of someone’s birthday one week in advance, and on their birthday, but it also has a “Birthday Requester” feature that allows you to get birthday information easily from family members or clients that are important to you.

Make this year the best year ever by creating goals, maximizing your time and acknowledging those who are most important to you. Please share your ideas related to New Year’s resolutions below in the comments section.