How Search Engines See Your Website

A blogging friend, who specializes in helping people with web marketing, did a post the other day that I found quite interesting. He diagrammed “How Search Engines See Your Website.” Essentially, the graphics are stripped away and the skeleton of your website remains.  The “text-only-view” displays what a search engine robot views and categorizes (reads) so your site can be matched against a search engine query.  Search Engine

Mike Yublosky, author of the post, gives easy directions for you to examine your site.  He says that you must be alert for strange looking things when you are on the “text-only-view” —

  • Are some of the words missing?
  • Does some of the text look strange?
  • Do you see a complete blank or colored page?
  • Are there paragraphs loaded with keywords you do not see on the monitor?

If you encounter any of these problems, your blog may not be fully optimized for search engines.

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