A New Marketing Era

Social media has totally changed our lives and our way of communication with our prospects, our clients and even with each other, as shown in my previous posts.

Day after day, email is used less as we communicate increasingly through social media networks, blogs or even through our beloved blackberries.The face of marketing as we know it has probably changed forever.  2976175897_4884501424_m

Nowadays we live in a permission-based marketing culture — this means that the buyers are:

  1. More than ever in control of any information disseminated to them
  2. More in charge of the buying process than ever before — they want to control what information they consume, when and how they do it, and which companies/ products or services they choose to engage.

Currently to build successful marketing strategies sellers have to include the different stages of the selling cycles in order to engage the majority of the potential early-stage buyers and to nurture the prospective buyers/ clients.

In fact, we are moving away from traditional marketing  — as practiced for decades known as “Outbound marketing” — to a new era of marketing we call “Inbound marketing.

Outbound vs. Inbound?

Outbound Marketing or traditional marketing depended on interruption modes that were not authorized, so customers found a way to revolt against the  intrusion of these modes, even finding ways to stop it with means such as TIVOs and DVRs, Cable radios, using online news sources and RSS feeds that avoid interruptive ads.  Customers also procure services such as  caller ID to block unsolicited phone calls, throw away junk mail and delete spam Emails without even reading them

Inbound Marketing is the new Social Media marketing — it requires the customer’s permission and allows ONLY what that customer wants to hear/read/learn about.

Inbound Marketing is achieved through 3 channels:

  1. SEO: Using keywords to get ranked on Search Engines as Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc…
  2. Blogs: Using RSS feeds, TechCrunch, Technorati, Youtube (Vblogs)
  3. Social media: Networks or platforms as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious etc…

So now we have to rethink Marketing versus how we always knew it and start changing our perception on how we should do marketing.  In summary, these are the fundamental differences:

Outbound Marketing Inbound Marketing
TV/ Radio ads Viral campaigns: PPC & Online ads
Interruption Permission
Email Blasts/ Print ads Opt in Mailing/ RSS feeds and alerts
Cold calling Social calling 2.0
Direct Mail Opt-in social mail 2.0
Tradeshows Virtual Tradeshows
Telemarketing Online Search Engine Marketing & Optimization
Companies in control of their brand Customers in control of the brands
Push Sales method- One way delivery Pull method – 2 way communication
Sales department in charge/ Company creates content Peer to peer consulting/ User creates content
Broadcast Social Media
Repeat the message to educate Adapt the message to influence audience

Why should you care?

People with the same interests are finding each other online, conducting conversations and creating groups that form communities that can become very influential with on their respective members.

And conversations regarding companies are taking place right now online — these companies may like it or not, they may contribute to them or not. But the reality is that these conversations are not going away, so whichever companies fail to jump on the social media bandwagon will be left in the cold.

And companies that are not getting involved can potentially cause irreparable damage to brands! A very recent example on the effect of Social media is the YouTube video posted by a couple of employees of Domino’s Pizza doing indescribable things to the Pizza they take to their clients and it went viral, millions of people saw it, Domino’s Pizza CEO had to counteract that to salvage their reputation by posting a video on YouTube to control damages and reassure customers that Domino’s cares and is not about that, needless to add that the employees got fired and for a good reason


Sahar Andrade





Sahar Andrade

Sahar Andrade is a Marketing and Business Development expert, experienced with Fortune 500 companies, Sahar directs international campaigns. As a Social Media Certified Specialist, Sahar offers real world business experience with a straight-talk approach to solving problems covering: Cultural diversity management and awareness, and its effect on the Corporations, ROI and their marketing planning Leadership, business skills, and self development Motivation. Sahar collaborates with cultures in domestic international markets. Born in Alexandria, Egypt, and raised in Algeria and the Gulf Region, Sahar Andrade grew up appreciating and learning diverse cultures and traditions. She arrived in the US in September of 1986, with just one suitcase in hand. While in college, Sahar began to climb the “corporate ladder” as a Reservations agent. Today, Sahar is the founder of “Sahar Consulting”, Sr. VP Projects' Management and member of the Board of Directors for the International Green Summit, as well as being the Co-Founder of “Children’s Choice” a charity nonprofit organization. Living and working with different people & cultures as well as years working for International Airlines traveling all over the world left a great impact on Sahar, and help her deliver quality information on "international business etiquette" worldwide, hoping to give a few insights into how culture impacts on international business, and how is business communication impacted on by culture and how should employees and businesses interact globally to achieve success. Sahar has delivered presentations and speeches in the Middle East, Europe and the United States to corporations and educational institutions on topics such as “Effect of Cultural diversity on Business Etiquettes”, “Social Marketing”, “Cultural Awareness in the workplace”, and “Effect of Cross-Cultures on Marketing. She is also a featured columnist at "Eco-Chamber" website, as well as being a contributor at "the bloggers Bulletin: Blog Zone". http://www.ecochamber.com/category/columnists/sahar-andrade-columnists/ http://www.thebloggersbulletin.org/saharandrade Sahar gave presentations at the City of West Hollywood 3rd Annual Women Leadership Conference March of 2009, where she presented a "Motivational Workshop": MotivateU. Additionally she spoke at the "Entrepreneurs' Seminar" on the benefits of Inbound Marketing, presented a seminar about self branding to NOW Hollywood and NCJW, as well as presenting 2 other seminars to LAAMA about social media & Twitter. She was also a guest on BlogTalkRadio presenting “How Cultural Diversity affects Marketing” http://www.blogtalkradio.com/LaunchNotes/2009/08/26/Sahar-Andrade-Sahar-Consulting Sahar’s credentials include BS in Psychiatry from the Cairo University of Medicine, Certification from Cema as a certified E-marketeer, an IM certificate as an Inbound Marketing certified specialist, and is a certified Diversity trainer. Email: sahar@saharconsulting.com www.saharconsulting.com 


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