Endorsements that Work

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Few things are as powerful in sales copy as endorsements. Here are five things to keep in mind when including them in your sales copy.


1. Names and website addresses (URL’s) strengthen your photos.

Adding names and web addresses to your testimonials make them more believable. Since unethical marketers falsify text and names, providing additional information such as a name and/or URL lets your target audience, with a little extra research, verify your claims. Having a verification option increases the believability of your testimonials.

A photo also carries a hidden message, your customers are passionate enough about your products to share personal information.

2. Using audio and video.

Audio and video endorsements carry more weight than text and photo endorsements. Seeing and hearing someone deliver an endorsement, with all the tonal and visual cues associated with direct communication, is more personal and believable than a text-only endorsement, even one with a photo.

Audio and video endorsements are often easier to secure than written testimonials. With today’s technology they can be secured virtually anywhere at any time and eliminates the need for your customer to write a clear and concise statement.

3. Multiple endorsements.

Multiple endorsements should be spread around the page. You don’t want to have a “endorsement section” because since most people will only read one or two if they’re bundled together. Spreading them around lets you extract maximum value from each one.  The best place to insert them is right below each sub headline.

4. One or two endorsements.

If you have only one or two endorsements it’s best to insert them below the mid-point of your sales copy. That gives you the opportunity to make your pitch and, then, have it reinforced by your endorsements.

Many marketers believe endorsements should be inserting right after your first sub-headline as an encouragement for your audience to keep reading. I disagree. If someone visits your website ,for example, they’re probably going to stay long enough to read a paragraph or two before leaving. Use the opportunity to make your strongest points first and hen use your endorsements as reinforcement.


5. Focus on results.

Endorsements such as, “Wow, we had fun at Bob’s dealership!” are semi-useless. Endorsements about the results produced by your product or service are more believable if they are qualified (“excellent service”) and quantified (“my car was delivered in 2-hours”).