Blog Marketing – Is your blog a product?

Is the blog your product, or is the product you?

It’s not an obvious question and one that goes to the heart of whether you need to market your blog (it’s your product) or the blog is a marketing vehicle for everything else you do (the product is you).

A blog is a unique communications medium because it is effectively being used both ways.  When asked “how do I market my blog,” I know the person is looking at the blog as a product simply wondering how to monetize it and have more people read and comment on it.  They may not be looking at its other, potentially more powerful rasion d’etre, to present the author as an expert, trend-setter, or thought leader.

In many small businesses, the business is the owner, principal or chief.  The company carries the owner’s name followed by Group, Associates, or some other word that implies a bigger organization, but the essence of the company remains the owner.  The product or service provided is the principal’s abilities and expertise.

When the company or product is the owner, it’s a perfect scenario for a blog to help promote the key offering as well – you. It’s the company forum for showing exactly why the principal is special, what he or she has to say, and demonstrate his or her level of expertise. Done correctly, it offers value by sharing the person’s knowledge and is a subtle but substantial marketing mechanism, both in SEO listings and as proof of performance especially as a followup to a sales call.

In review of the 5 P’s of marketing and how they may apply to blogging, we’ve already reviewed Price, Place, and People.  This post is a quick review of Product and what it may mean relative to blogging in the digital age.

A blog, alone, is rarely if ever a product.  More accurately, it’s a by-product, or sometimes a test product. As a test product, it’s effectively used to test the popularity of concept, or the appeal of a book idea before a chapter gets fleshed out into a full narrative.  As a by-product, it’s providing snippets as well, but as a teaser to entice a reader back to o book, web site, or form to order a product or service.

Teasers are a classic marketing tool.  The blog is a natural extension of that in the digital age.  So how do you market your blog?  A better question is: how does your blog market you?

Rhona Bronson

Rhona Bronson started down the social media path in 2006 with her blog and there’s been no turning back. “It opens you up to the world of possibilities,” she notes. She has helped dozens of executives enter into the social media world as part of their marketing growth plans. Her background spans both the B:B and B:C world with experience in publishing, printing, consulting, association, small business and corporate marketing and communications. She came to marketing from the communications side, starting with training in journalism from Syracuse University. With experience in all marketing genres — from Twitter to Transit Advertising — she brings a broad toolkit of skills to any marketing project. Her ability to integrate clear writing with creativity has made her a sought-after expert in developing results-oriented marketing programs for today’s challenging times. Today, she leads the Plaza Consulting Group as its Marketing Strategist specializing in integrating social media into business marketing plans. 


  2 comments for “Blog Marketing – Is your blog a product?

  1. February 21, 2010 at 7:58 am

    You make a good point here….Do you need to market your blog (blog is actually the product) or Is your blog a marketing vehicle for what you do? My thought is still need to market your blog so that more people read it, in order to use it as a marketing vehicle for what you do.

    A blog does offer the opportunity to share expertise especially when it is a part of your website, however, you still have to establish a compelling interest on the readers part to follow your blog. Patience and reading very constructive advice from professionals like you, is really helpful.

    I’m thinking no matter what the topic of a blog, it still says a lot about the writer so your blog is always marketing you. I should also mention comments like this on a blog can say a lot about a person. Can turn out to be a blog in itself. In any event, still a novice, learning and truly open to guidance.

  2. February 21, 2010 at 4:29 pm

    Points well taken. Any marketing material has to be, let’s just say marketed, to be effective. A direct mail piece must be put out there in a way that the largest amount of the right people will see it. That’s the science behind marketing, and in that regard a blog is no different. I believe it’s written to market yourself, and then you have to additionally figure out how to get it out to prospects effectively.

    Anything you put out on the internet lasts in perpetuity. Therefore, every blog post says something about the blogger that he or she must be willing to live with for all time. Yes, a blog can say a lot about a person. It’s why even spelling counts.

    Thanks for the thought-provoking comment.

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