How to Blog Effectively for Your Business

Need Ideas for Your Blog?This blog is all about helping people blog better for their business. This post in particular is for people just starting to blog. If you’re confused about what to write or how your blog will be useful, you’ll want to read this post. Print it out. Make notes on it and use it as a reference in the future.

Why are you blogging for your business?

Many small business owners think they will start a blog because they’ve heard it will help them get better search engine placement. Or they’ve heard blogs are free and you can start a blog instead of paying a web designer to build your business a website. Or someone they trust has told them, “You gotta start a blog.” This might be why you look closely at blogging, but it isn’t the real reason why business people should blog.

The real reason a business owner should publish a blog is —

You want to become known as an authority in your niche, or in your field. You want to become known as “the expert for [fill in the blank].” If you are the expert in your field or niche, clients will seek you out. Clients will find you and hire you because you’re the one everyone recommends. Everything else is a side benefit. Which leads us to the next point.

What do you blog about?

Before you post anything on your blog, answer these two questions:

  • What can I write about or post that really helps potential clients?
  • Will this post help establish me as an expert?

If you were only going to get one thing from this blog article, this is the most important thing you need to remember. Stay focused.  And answer the two questions above.

Ideas for Blog Topics

Below you’ll find several ideas for writing quality blog posts your readers will love.

Here are the ideas:

1 – Make a list of the common questions people have about your area of expertise. Then write about it.

2 – Did a client come to you with a problem recently? Can you turn their problem into a story about how the problem was solved?

3 – How did you become an expert? What’s the story behind starting your business?

4 – What recent news affects your industry? What is your opinion on how this news changes things or what should potential clients pay attention to?

5 – Create a checklist for what potential clients should know before hiring someone in your field

6 – Create a list of common mistakes people make when hiring a professional like you. Or create a common list of mistakes people make when trying to tackle the problem your business solves.

7 – Write about a common practice in your industry that you believe is wrong. Tell people why you think it’s wrong and what you believe is the correct practice.

COMMENT: Don’t name names or finger point. Just highlight the practice you disagree with and tell people why you disagree with the practice

8 – Write case studies about your current clients

9 – Write about the pros and cons of not using a professional or an expert to solve their problem

10 – Write a story about someone who ignored or procrastinated about using a service like yours and what happened to them.

This isn’t a comprehensive list of blogging ideas, but it’s a great start.

Now that you have a list of blogging ideas, what’s next?

First, print this page. Or copy and paste it into Word. Then start working your list. You’ll have a great start on being the online expert in your field.

If you’re reading this and have another idea for creating great blog topics, leave a reply below. We want to hear from you.