How to Have a Blog

The answer to how to have a blog first depends on why you want a blog. (The word blog comes from combining web and log, as in a log of what you’re doing).  

If you want to have a blog simply as an online diary for yourself, or for select family and friends, you can use free blogging software such as . In fact, when I first started blogging I used this option because, to tell the truth, I didn’t know any better. And I still have one blog on this software (see

If you want to have a blog to promote your brand, book or business, it is much better to have a self-hosted blog rather than a hosted blog (such as on The main reason for this is that you can control your own blog. In other words, you are not limited to what a hosted blog such as blogger allows you to put on your blog.

Plus there is another important consideration. Here is the link to my Examiner article “Business Blogging: Are You Getting Any Search Engine Juice?” that explains a major risk of using a free hosted site –

(And, remember, you may start out planning to write a blog only for your personal enjoyment and then be bitten by the blog writing bug and decide to expand your readership. In this case, you’ll then want to take advantage of the opportunities a self-hosted blog provides.)

The blogging software platform that I recommend is, usually referred to as WordPress. This is NOT the same as, which is a free hosted blogging platform somewhat similar to

And the beauty of using WordPress for your self-hosted blog is that, at a later date, you can decide to also have static pages, thus creating a website with its own blog. (Or you can begin this way with static pages and a blog.)

Caution: It is not easy to setup a WordPress blog (or WordPress website and blog) and you are likely to need to hire someone to do this for you. (You’ll need to get your own domain name and host server plus a free or fee theme – think format – for your WordPress blog.)

Yet once the blog is setup, it is as easy to publish your posts as it is to do this on hosted sites such as blogger. (I now publish posts on several WordPress sites, including and .)

Bottom line? The answer to how to have a blog is to do it correctly right from the beginning. Get a self-hosted blog that you control and then write worthwhile content that your target markets want to read.

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    I’d like to highly recommend a blogging course that I took when I first started blogging, “Become a Blogging Maniac,” facilitated by Bea Fields. For more information It’s very reasonable and comprehensive. The new course starts April 26, but there is a jump-start program for rank beginner that begins April 5.

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