Why a Blogger Needs to Keep Updated

The Internet is continually awash with new information. And while individual bloggers can’t be expected to keep up with all the new developments, it behooves all of us to keep an eye out for news that directly affects us.

• One such new development: Google supposedly is now taking load speed into consideration when returning search engine rankings.

In theory, as I understand it, this could mean that a site that in the past has been on page 1 of Google for a specific search term could now be pushed back to later pages because the site doesn’t load quickly.

I’m not an SEO expert so I can’t give any specific advice about what to do with this knowledge. But in my blog post “Marketing Websites: Patience Is No Longer a Virtue” I do deal with quicker loading speeds in order to be more website user-friendly.

• Facebook’s newest changes. Where to start?

First, there’s the change from “fan” to “like” on what were previously known as Facebook fan pages. (They appear to just be “pages” for now.) This “like” is not to be confused with the “like” that indicates you like someone’s comment. Okay, I admit I’m confused too.

And what’s more, the “likes” on your Facebook page are now separated into two categories – your Facebook friends who “like” your page and people (those who aren’t your Facebook friends) who “like” your page. Thus you have to add the two categories together to know how many “likes” you have for your page.

Then there are the new “community” pages. A client received a message from Facebook that her Facebook page had been switched to a “community” page, although she was advised that she could appeal this designation. After I read what a “community” page might become – taken away from the creator and turned into a sort of wiki – I advised her to appeal the designation.

While we can’t keep track of everything that affects our blogs and our related online activities, we need to try to keep up with the most important news.

How to do it? I mostly rely on tweets with article links that catch my attention, although I learned first about Facebook changes from the free ezine of Publicity Hound Joan Stewart (www.publicityhound.com). And I did read an interesting Facebook article in the April 22nd Wall Street Journal by Jesica E. Vascellaro that began:

“Facebook Inc. announced an ambitious plan to get its tentacles further out into the Internet by better linking people, places and things, as it looks to turn a massive audience into a pool of well-understood consumers.”

Bottom line? Big Brother is definitely watching – so beware.

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