Great New Tool for WordPress Podcasts – Audioboo

Thanks to my blog coach, Bea Fields, for bringing this new App to my attention – it’s called Audioboo.  This is a super simple way to record a podcast and upload it to your WordPress blog in about five minutes.  It’s designed specifically for use with an IPhone or Android smart phone.   Bea has created a tutorial that I don’t think she’ll mind if I share with you.  But, briefly, here is how it works:  

  1. Go to to sign up for a free account and download your IPhone or Android App.  Or you can download directly from your phone’s App store.
  2. Go to your WordPress blog and download the audioboo-wp plugin, which is actually a widget.
  3. Then drag your audioboo widget into the sidebar widget of your choice.  I’ve used the sidebar in my blog page, which is where I get most of my traffic.
  4. Then you’re ready to record on your phone, no matter where you are, or directly on the site.
  5. After recording on your smart phone you hit “publish” and the podcast is automatically uploaded to the widget in your blog.

Here is the link to my first podcast if you’d like to listen.  Audioboo is a neat tool – give it a try.

P.S. — A Google Alert came in for my first podcast, so if you enter your Google Analytics ID in your Audioboo settings it will improve your SEO.