How Do I Put an RSS Feed on My Web Page?

Large RSS ButtonYesterday a web designer e-mailed me this question:

“We have a client who wants to be able to post an article to their WordPress blog and have it show up on their Web site.  Your article recently talked about how to get WordPress articles to post to Facebook and Twitter which was great, but do you know of a way to get it to post to their Web site too.”

Great question. If your blog is on Blogger or WordPress, you might want to promote your most recent blog posts on your website too.

Publishing blog post titles, a link and a short description of your most recent blog articles on your web page keeps your company’s website fresh. It also helps you get more subscribers to your blog.

Promote Your Blog on Your Website: Three Easy Steps

STEP 1: Set-up Google’s Feedburner for Your RSS Feed

Go to:

If you haven’t already signed up for Feedburner, you’ll want to sign-up. Then you will see a screen like this:

Feedburner Set-Up

To find your default RSS feed URL, click on the RSS icon on your browser. It’s the orange and white square circled below:

RSS Feed Icon

After clicking on your RSS icon, you will see a page like this:

RSS Feed Url

Copy and paste your feed URL into feedburner.

If you’re using WordPress on your own domain, you will want to install this plugin too:

STEP 2:  Click on the Publicize tab and Activate BuzzBoost

Feedburner RSS for HTML

STEP 3: Paste the BuzzBoost HTML on your web page

Voila! You’re done. Your web page can now promote your most recent blog posts.

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