Today’s mobile blogging

I use Microsoft’s Live Writer running on a 3G netbook from HP, which I purchased from Verizon. The 10.1″ display and the physical keyboard come in handy when I need to seat down to do some research on the spot when writing an article.

I do carry either a Blackberry from AT&T or a Google Nexus One, which I used to take the above picture. Both run a WordPress widget designed for mobile blogging. So far, I’ve been using the smartphones for microblogging more often than not. This means posting short updates on Twitter, which get displayed at the upper right corner of my WordPress blog right away. The same updates are automatically captured by my Facebook, LinkedIn and Plaxo pages.

Interestingly enough, WordPress has recently launched a new feature that let’s me “phone my blog.” It enables me to “post by voice” by dialing a public phone number, entering a code and recording a voice message, which will show up on my blog soon after my call. This complements WordPress’ “post by email” feature.

Posting sound, pictures and video on the go, coupled with location and other tags is not news. Both netbooks and smarphones feature increasingly better cameras. Though, I thought of adding a digital camera to the above picture just to make a point about other digital gadgets.

For instance, Eye-Fi’s card is shaped like a regular SDHC card which fits into cameras enabling picture uploads over Wi-Fi. Moreover, Google’s Nexus One doubles as a portable hotspot, so that Wi-Fi devices such as your digital camera, can leverage the phone’s 3G wireless service.

Anywhere, anytime (and from any device) publishing is now available at our fingertips. Enjoy!