Offers Tips for Small Businesses and Bloggers

I just learned about a new site,, which is hosted by the U.S. Small Business Administration.  I’ve joined this community where you can get useful advice about running a business, and posting topics for discussion.  There are several guest bloggers (I don’t see how you get your name in front of the SBA staff to become a blogger but I’ll keep looking.) and the opportunity to comment on topics posted by community members.  You need to be careful not to be too commercial but you are allowed one link back to your blog. helps bloggers

From the SBA website:  “Idea Exchange:  Each month, the team poses a question to the Community about specific topics, features, or services provided on An idea exchange is a collection of ideas posted by members in the Community. Anyone in the Community can see and give Kudos to the ideas you post.  July 2010 topic:  How can traditional marketing techniques be changed to accommodate the rise of new media marketing, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, online coupons, and email campaigns? Traditional marketing and new media marketing can be integrated to cross promote your business and hit different potential customers.

For those who have utilized the synergies of traditional and new media marketing, please share with us what you have done and what has worked. If you haven’t integrated the two yet, participate with your ideas and thoughts.

Tell us… How do you use traditional and new media marketing together?

I was shocked to see that the first comment on the topic had received 1,266 views, up from 1,197 when I started to write this post last evening. And the second comment had received 1,219, up from 1,166 views.

Your can peruse a Small Business Marketing section with information on topics such as Advertising Law, Developing a Marketing Budget, Learn About Your Customers, Traditional vs. New Media Marketing, Build Your Small Business Brand, Affiliate Marketing Basics, and Stand Out from the Crowd. It takes a little foresight and creativity  to stand out, sometimes having a clever vanity phone number from can drastically increase your bottom line.

The SBA also sponsors a group on LinkedIn called with 280 members but it seems to serve mostly as a launching pad to the website.

Anyway, I’m still exploring the site and you might want to take a look too.  Just one more place to learn and get some exposure for you and your blog.

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  1. July 15, 2010 at 2:54 pm


    This is a good find. I was aware of the site, but not how it could be used. I will check it out.



  2. July 15, 2010 at 7:10 pm

    You’re welcome, Brian. If you find any nuggets there that I missed, please let us know.

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