Blogging for Education Contest

My blogging coach, Bea Fields, runs a group called Blogging Mentor.  It’s for people who have gone through her course “Become a Blogging Maniac” and worked with her privately.  We meet by webinar every Thursday afternoon and share tips:  ideas for blogs, new plugins, conferences, etc., and we look at a variety of popular blogs and discuss how other bloggers are communicating their ideas.

We are bloggers helping bloggers.

It’s terrific  – not as structured as a Master Mind group – but I’ve learned a great deal and met some swell people.  You might also want to corral some of your blogging buddies to share ideas on a regular basis.

How Can We Improve Education?

A couple of weeks ago Bea told us she had decided to run a contest and asked for our help in coming up with the topic.  After some discussion, we decided to blog about education – what can be done to improve it in this country and how we are going to train our future leaders.  Of course, she wanted to draw traffic to her site but she truly wanted to encourage people entering the contest to come up with our best ideas.

She had seven entries and she’s happy to report that to date she has gotten a surge of traffic — 798 hits to date just on the contest page.  I’m one of the entrants, and would appreciate your vote, but I urge you to read all the blogs, and, as Bea requests, “…judging your choice based on creativity, unique thought and pushing the edge on the subject of education.”  Voting closes Friday, October 30th!

Here is the link to Blogging for Education.  The titles of the blogs are:

  • Why Superman Can’t Rescue Our Schools
  • What’s Keeping Our Kids From Learning
  • Public Education Can Save Our Country
  • Bring Religion to Public Education
  • Will a Harvard Degree Boost You to the Top?
  • Recreating Education Throughout the Lifespan
  • That Fairy Tale called Childhood, Mr. Glodowski, and Lifelong Learning

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy reading about the ideas in these posts that add to the important conversation about education.