Repurposing Your Blog Posts

You work hard on your blog posts. So, the more you can leverage those creative ideas and carefully crafted words, the better! One way to do so is to repurpose your blog content for distribution through other channels, such as Slideshare and YouTube.

I did this with my series on how to develop a Social Media Strategy. It spanned six blog posts, overall. The core post was an overview, supported by five other posts that provided additional details. I’ve leveraged that series in many different ways, and to this day, I continue to find new methods of repurposing this high quality content.

If you’ve got a meaty post or series of posts, consider doing the same. The ideal candidate is probably a piece (or series) consisting of at least six to ten printed pages of content. How-to materials work well. However, you can also leverage reports or analysis, evaluations of tools or technologies, etc.

Write your blog post(s) as usual. After you’ve finalized the content, consider the following ways to reuse it:

  • Create a SlideShare presentation  Take your detailed content and summarize it in the form of a presentation. Using PowerPoint or another application, create a deck and post it on SlideShare. You’ll need to create a SlideShare account for your business or blog. Be sure to include a footer on each page of your presentation, with your company or blog name. End the deck with a page containing the URL to your site. (See this post for more ideas of how to Create a SlideShare that Drives Traffic to your Website.) People favorite and download these presentations, and you can see statistics on how many views you’re getting. Promote your SlideShare presentation just as you would your blog post. You’ll find that some people who wouldn’t take the time to read a lengthy post are amenable to a presentation, which is perceived as shorter.
  • Post it on YouTube You can put your content on YouTube, as well. If you’ve written how-to instructions, for example, consider videotaping the process—show people how to do something online, in the kitchen, etc. You can embed the video in your blog post as well as put it on YouTube, capturing those people who prefer video over the written word.Alternatively, if you create a SlideShare, you can use a tool such as WonderShare to convert the presentation to a video and post it. Again, you’ll need to create a YouTube account and you’ll want to “brand” your video to help drive traffic to your website. Promote the video just like other content.
  • Put the video on your LinkedIn company page   If you create a video, you can add it to your LinkedIn company page, in the Product/Services section. Consider it just another channel for distributing your content. This is a new feature of LinkedIn business pages.
  • Make a downloadable PDF    Blog posts are great, but if you’ve created a blog series, the user has to print each post to get your complete content. If you have a valuable set of content, consider creating a PDF of it. Here’s the PDF I did for my Six Steps series. The PDF presents all the information from the blog posts, but in a friendlier format with sidebars and pull-out quotes. It’s optimized for printing—and you can take advantage of this format to include additional information about your company or services. Keep in mind that business users may print the PDF and hand it or email it to their manager or others in their organization. Design it with this possibility in mind.
  • Make it the basis of a talk    If you have good content, why not use it as the basis for a presentation? If you have the opportunity to speak, look to your blog for topics that might be of interest. If you’ve already created a SlideShare presentation, it’s not hard to turn that into a talk. You’ll want to cut some of the content from the slides themselves and paste it into the Notes sections, leaving high-level bullet points that you can speak to. If you’ve created a more detailed PDF, be sure to give attendees the URL to download it.

Those are some of the many ways you can repurpose your blog posts, to get the most out of all the hard work you’ve put into them.

Neicole M. Crepeau

Creator of, I'm a tech industry veteran with 25 year in the industry. I've done technical writing, usability testing, user interface design, and product and program management work. Most recently I've been applying a research and marketing perspective to social media and blogging about that on my personal blog, I'm also a mother of four wonderful children and wife of a terrific man--who also happens to be a fantastic software developer.