The 7 Best Article Marketing Tips to Boost Page Views and Conversions

The following are seven different tips to help boost the number of page views and conversion rates for your articles so that you can see greater success with your marketing campaigns:

#1 Make Your Title the Main Attraction

Your title is the first thing a reader is going to see when looking for an article and if it falls flat, they aren’t going to take the time to read the rest. Think of your title as a storefront window: if there’s nothing in it to attract attention, nobody’s going to be walking in. Spend the time you need to make a title that will grab a reader’s attention and convince them that your article is worth the read.

#2 Maintain the Proper Keyword Density

Many of the best article directories will set a limit to keyword density in your articles. This is because search engine spiders will pick up on any keyword “stuffing” in articles and reject them. The acceptable number of keywords is approximately 2%. So, you might allow your keyword to appear about 8 times if one of your articles was 400 words.

#3 Break it Up with Bullets

Reading through large blocks of text can be tiresome, so include a list of bullet points to help ease the monotony. Also, highlight key points in a bullet list to help break up the article. Many readers prefer to skim over a bullet list and if they like what they read, they’ll go back to the start of your article and read it more thoroughly.

#4 Always Double Check Your Spelling

Spellcheck is a very handy tool to use but it doesn’t catch everything. You may write “to” and mean “too” or “your” when you meant to say “you’re.”  So, go through your article one word at a time to make sure everything is spelled the way it’s supposed to be.

#5 Keep Up with Trends

At any given time, you can find current topics that are trending right now. This will give you some great ideas about what topics you can write about that have a good chance of ranking highly. Search magazines and read newspapers for new topics. Yahoo has a constant list of trending topics that you can watch as well.

#6 Get Viral with Your Articles

Once you’ve submitted your article to a directory and it gets accepted and published, work on your campaign doesn’t end there. You want to give your article a boost by pinging your link, bookmarking it on websites like StumbleUpon, and also adding it to your own blogs and websites.

#7 Change Up Your Resource Box Info

The “About Me” section in the author’s resource area shouldn’t be an afterthought. This is the spot where you get to self-promote and persuade your reader to go from your article to your website and take action. Offer them something worthwhile, like a free ebook or download. Try a few different styles with your bio box and see what works best for you.

When you take each of these tips into account, you’ll likely see an improvement in the number of views your articles get and an increase in the number of conversions.

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