Article Marketing Suggestions for Web 2.0

Submitting articles into various directories is the best way to help gain more exposure for your business. I recommend that you consider submitting your articles to the following directories (in bold):

There are sites, for example, like that allow writers to post as many articles on a subject as they choose. Web pages on Squidoo, called “lenses,” cover a wide variety of topics. Be aware, though, that Squidoo takes spamming very seriously and has restrictions on some topics that receive an overabundance of spam submissions.

Hub Pages

Articles submitted to are placed on pages called “Hubs.” The more relevant and interesting the article you write, the higher it will rise in the ranks at HubPages. The directory ranks highly on Google, so by submitting your articles to it, your company will likely see an increase in web traffic.
Google Knol

GoogleKnol (defunct as of May 1, 2012) is a unique way to implement an article marketing strategy. You can write as many articles as you want there on various topics and post them under your account.
GoogleKnol is a great tool for helping to build up a stronger web presence and an author’s most popular articles will feature at the top of their homepage.
Each of the aforementioned directories are valuable tools that, when utilized, may have a substantial impact on your article marketing campaign and your business. And best of all, they’re free to use.

Deb Lamb

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