Top Tips to Effective Content Distribution

Businesses that advertise or operate online typically do some content distribution to get their names out there, distribute information about their products or services, and generate hype about what they are providing. It is common business practice today, but not everyone does it right. The trick is to get the right content and distribute it to the right areas of cyberspace.

Make a Game Plan – Plan your content. Brainstorm numerous ideas for what you are going to produce. Then scrap the ones that are not quite right. You should be left with content ideas that will work best for your business and the websites you want to focus on.

Use Professionals – Your time is both valuable and extremely limited. If writing is not your business forte, delegate it to a crafted professional and work together on the piece, offering your insights and knowledge. You will save money in the end and create a better-flowing, more-useful piece of content.

Use “Split” or Multivariate Testing – Once you have several pieces of content up on the web, you want it to reach an audience. Using website analytical tools, do multivariate testing with similar pieces of content to see which is drawing the most traffic. Take notice of differences in length, slant, topic, and website origin. This will tell you what type of content you need to keep creating.

Stay in the Know – Do not get so caught up in your own business that you forget to look at what other business’ are doing and offering. Keep informed of industry news, and strive to stay one step ahead of your competition. Remember, success leaves clues. Find out what works for your competitors, match it, and surpass it.

Gather Information – You cannot sell anything if you do not know what people want. Be on the lookout for what is successful and what is killing businesses. Stay on top of recent trends, and offer insights into where they might be headed. In this way, you may actually be persuading markets and staying ahead of the curve.

Use Social Networking – Those sites that teenagers and married couples love to get into trouble on are actually great for businesses. Use them to distribute your content and network with people whose interests are along the lines of your business. These people are a great source for industry news. Nowadays, bloggers are ahead of the big news companies.

Cater to Search Engines – While you are busy sharing on networking sites and perfecting the content on your site, search engines might be burying your content. Make sure to use search engine optimization techniques to ensure that your content is seen.  

Be Informative – You have to sound like the leading authority in your field to sell anything. Make sure your content is professional, contains good information and is as fresh as possible.

Know Your Competition – Not only should you know which of your content pieces is performing well, but you should also know if you are being outperformed by someone else. Read everything your competition creates, look for weakness in their content that you can use to make your content stand out. Do not forget to look for strengths you are lacking as well.

The point of distributing content is to display a message of some sort, be it sales or informational. It is impossible for a message to reach significant audiences if it is hidden away on websites that go unnoticed. You are the ultimate promotional tool. Your understanding of search, social media, networking, and industry insights is what ultimately makes your content stand out from the competition. Use it well and use it daily and others will have to play “catch up” if they want to reach your level.



Blake Sanders is a tech writer at Maxymiser, the conversion management website. A writer of all things technical and web-related, Blake specializes in website personalization and multivariate testing.


Note: Photo courtesy of desiitaly via FlickR Creative Commons.