Three Steps to Improving Your Article Marketing Efforts

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When you are using article marketing for your business, it is easy to become frustrated quickly, particularly if you are not reaching your marketing goals.

However, that doesn’t mean you should wave the white flag and give in!

To improve your article marketing strategy, I’d recommend that you three important steps:

Step 1: Figure out Your Message

What are you trying to tell customers? They are looking for solutions to their problems. They have a need and want to know if you are going to fulfill it.

Review each of your products or services and write out why the customer needs it.  When you have a clear understanding of why someone needs to buy your product, then you will have an easier time explaining it to them.

Step 2: Know How to Get Your Point Across- Quickly!

A lot of studies show that the average Internet user will only stay on a website between thirty seconds and one minute. That doesn’t give you very much time to grab their attention and convince them to buy your product.

Since there is likely a lot of competition out there for the products or services you offer, you need to make your article stand-out right away. It will help by having keyword-containing headlines that will get the attention of readers.

Don’t be afraid to be entertaining! Your content doesn’t have to sound stuffy and dull.

Make your content enjoyable to read and the customers will stay engaged and keep coming back. Be snarky, add a little humor or put a unique spin on it.

Step 3: Be Customer-Friendly

The Internet can be a very impersonal marketplace. That doesn’t mean you can’t treat your customers as you would if they were there in person.

How would you talk to your customers if you had a brick-and-mortar store? Be personable. Chat them up. Form a bond, which will create a loyalty that isn’t often seen in too many businesses today.

Think about how you would want to be treated as a customer. What would you want to hear from a seller? What would make you trust them enough to hand over your money?

You don’t have to throw a bunch of razzle-dazzle at them, but customers want to be handled in a friendly, thoughtful manner. And putting a smile on their face goes a long way in getting repeat customers.

Article marketing is just like any other form of marketing — you need to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and figure out what they need, what they want to hear and how they want to be treated

Tell us what you have done to create better online content for your business. Where do you get your inspiration? Let us know!

Deb Lamb

Deb Lamb is an enthusiastic Ghostwriter and Article Expert who provides dazzling Ghostwriting and Article Marketing services. Her superb research abilities produce the highest quality of content created just for you and your content desires! Deb has authored hundreds of articles on many topics and subjects. She has worked with many Authors providing ghostwriting, proofreading, and editing to books they have published in print. She has provided content for online and small business owners, entrepreneurs, internet marketers, job seekers, religious professionals, coaches, relationship therapists, virtual assistants, bail agents, sports sites, aviation and engineering companies, career and educational sites. Find out how she can give you that one thing that is priceless…Time! Follow me: Website: 


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