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    Planning a New Year

    December 30th, 2009

    As the New Year approaches many will vow to better their lives.  They will swear off junk food, fast food, carbs and sugars alike.  Just like any human these goals may be unrealistic and unattainable due to lack of discipline and desire.

    I have found that if you want something badly enough you will reap the rewards of efforts expended.  I have also learned that you can not wish for something to fall into your lap without some persistent follow up.

    When making New Years Resolutions I like to have four separate lists:

    1. Self Improvement
    2. Family
    3. Career
    4. New Experiences.

    I can tell you now that in 2009 I did not attain all of my goals.  My dreams did not magically come to fruition; but I did make huge gains on all of my lists.

    When I first began writing for more than just pleasure I kept seeing the simple phrase “stick to what you know.”  The point was hit home time and again:  know one thing really well and write it.

    Anyone who knows me can attest that I tend to have vast knowledge regarding many different subjects.  If you read my Tweets you will see I am passionate about writing, art, politics, cooking, healthy lifestyles, philanthropy and sports.  The Renaissance Era has always been a favorite for a reason.

    At times I understand that you should stick to one subject.  Too much information divulged can bore a reader, too many references and one will not appreciate the authenticity of a work.  But sometimes, in rare occurrences, knowing more than one subject well comes in handy.  It can broaden your audience and make you a more viable brand.

    Recently I was approached by a reputable Literary Agency for representation.  They began to look at my submissions and strengths and had a hard time narrowing down one niche that I should concentrate on.

    Over the course of examination I was told that despite what we are told, knowing more than one type of style and subject is more beneficial in the ever-changing market. I was more “marketable” because of my dissemination and interest in so many subjects.

    Said Agency knew of me from the social networking and media relation contacts that I hold dear (Never underestimate the power of social media!)  But like all things, social media only works for you as much as you want it to.

    Having overcome the many psychological and physical battles with obesity I can testify about hard work, denial and the likeSocial networking seems to be like any exercise:  if you do not do it daily, make it a priority and look for quality over quantity you will never have the end result you dream of.

    With that being said, if you ever do decide to completely immerse yourself long enough to get used to Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed and the like, you will see the beneficial rewards that can come from best laid plans.

    Plans without execution are just that: plans. 3430502503_dc5ee3b3b4_m

    As we begin the New Year we should assess where it is we want to be, who we wish to be, and what sacrifices we are willing to make to become pillars of strength in a rather wary economy.  What is it that you find is your strength?  How will you convey this is in 2010?  The New Year brings with it new chances, changes and opportunities.  It is up to you to seek them out and transform them into your success.


    Can Podcasting be beneficial to your blog?

    October 2nd, 2009

    When I switched from a Blackberry to an iPhone I rediscovered my love for Podcasts.  I found myself downloading and subscribing to hundreds of them.  I would conveniently have them with me during the day  and when I would do a remedial task I would listen to the news or any other interest that seems to occupy time that I do not have.

    Anderson Cooper  has a podcast, Fox News. Even Sites that teach secondary languages have Podcasts.  My favorite guilty pleasure has been the fashion podcasts from various media outlets.  The Fashion Weeks were such a delight in the palm of my hand.  I found myself becoming a little dependent on them for news and information that I normally would only get to once or twice a week.

    In the quest for expanding my writing portfolio, I found myself writing for a Daytime TV site.  While in College I developed a love for the dramatic.  It was nice to see it onscreen and not in my own life.

    Because of the work with this Site I found myself subscribing to various podcasts regarding Daytime Television.  One of them is Daytime Confidential.

    I have become an avid listener as well as an true fan for the creativity and humor that stems  from listening to the Panel and their banter.  I found myself following them on Twitter.  Eventually becoming a “Fan” on Facebook as well as befriending some of the Comedic Contributors.

    A strange thing happened from listening to a podcast for a site I had never heard of; I found myself visiting their site and forums, commenting daily and sharing with them via Twitter, Facebook and their Blog.

    I started wondering about the benefits of podcasting for your blog.   I of course turned to Google to find my answers.

    Mashable has an article that includes links as to how to create your on podcast for free. If interested, I found it very informative.

    Upon further reading on other sites I found that podcasting is a great tool for those who want to share their content.  It promotes what you have to say, your credibility improves, it is even great for your SEO – Search Engines seek out Podcast Docking on sites.

    While I have heard some pretty boring people talk  with some annoying voices, I always have the option to tune out.

    But the content being delivered creatively, such as that of Daytime Confidential, motivated me to listen as well as visit the site daily.

    When promoting a Blog’s success and subscription it may be worth a try.

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