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    Tweeting Your Blog Post on Twitter

    December 4th, 2009

    mm_twitterIf you are on Twitter and have a sizable following, you can dramatically increase blog views and blog subscriptions by tweeting them following each new post. However, if you are into social media in any big way, updating Twitter, Facebook and posting to reviewing and bookmarking sites are all horribly time consuming.

    You can ease the burden through automation if you choose. There are several free tools that will automatically tweet your new blog posts using your Twitter account:

    1. If you are using WordPress software for your blog, there is a plug-in called “WP to Twitter” that will post new articles through your Twitter account automatically. It installs automatically through your WP control panel and has a solid five star rating.
    2. TwitterFeed, a free stand alone application, will also automatically tweet your new blog posts. By the way, it will also update Facebook, Ping and Hello Txt.
    3. HootSuite is a free online Twitter client that you can use instead of or along with the online software provided by Twitter. It too will automatically tweet new blog posts. HootSuite will also update Facebook, LinkedIn, and Ping.

    So which one of these tools should you use? That is up to you. I use all three of them. It does not do any good to have three of the same tweets at the same time. In fact, it is harmful as it appears you are a spammer. The key is setting each to tweet at different times. For example:

    1. “WP to Twitter” tweets it immediately. It has no setting to delay or stagger the time of the tweet.
    2. “TwitterFeed” allows you to set the frequency for it to check your blog feed for updates (e.g. ever hour, every two hours, three hours, etc.). I have mine set for three hours.
    3. “HootSuite” works the same way as TwitterFeed. I have mine set for six hours.

    This is not a perfect system but for the most part it does stagger your automatic tweets and allows you to spend the time saved to build the number of followers on Twitter.

    Yet, as with most things, it is your choice how you use it or if you use it at all.

    Mike Clough
    America’s Best Business Practices


    Building a Community Around your Blog

    September 8th, 2009
    Mike Clough

    Mike Clough

    Here is a quick tip I just learned for building a community around your blog. I learned it by accident but since it works, I thought I would share it with you.

    As a blogger, you know well that most all of your initial blog page views come from search engines, blog directories and promotion on Twitter or what other form of promotion that you use. Yet, the key to long term success with your blog is to build a community of followers that subscribe to your RSS feed.

    I am currently running a 17 issue “series” on Web 2.0 marketing on my blog “America’s Best Business Practices.” In each issue I suggest that if they don’t want to miss a single article in the series they should subscribe to my RSS feed.

    The result: The number of those subscribed to my RSS feed has almost doubled since I started my series and I am just four issues into the seventeen issue series!

    So if you can come up with a hot topic that you can divide into several articles that you do NOT run concurrently (putting articles on other topics between them), and use the same technique that I used, I suspect you will have the same result.

    Try it and then come back and comment here if you enjoyed the same level of success.

    Good luck!


    Increase Blog Page Views By 33% Quickly and Easily

    August 14th, 2009
    IM Pic

    Mike Clough

    Many years ago, a young marketing guy approached a major manufacturer of hair shampoo and promised that he could double sales of their product by simply adding one word to the label. (No, the word was not “sex” as you were probably thinking.) The word was “repeat”. Up to that point the directions were “wash and rinse”. He suggested changing it to “wash, rinse and repeat”. History was made that day. Just try to find a shampoo bottle today that does not have the word “repeat” in the directions.

    What has that got to do with driving traffic to your blog? Well what I am going to share with you is a tiny secret that many bloggers often overlook that can increase page views by as much as 33%! It is a SEO technique that anyone can use because it is simple and easy. You do not need to know anything about FTP or HTML. There is no need to install a widget or plug-in. In fact, you can do everything you need to do right from the admin control panel of your blog. It is so simple… just like “wash, rinse, repeat”… that you will wonder why you never thought of this before. Here it is:

    When you complete an article, think back about other articles that you have posted. If someone was interested in the subject matter of this post, what other posts have you made in which they would also be interested? At the end of your article place something like the following:

    Those enjoying this article also enjoyed:
    Article Name #1 (with embedded link)
    Article Name #2 (with embedded link)
    Article Name #3 (with embedded link)

    Of course, you will also need to go back to these older articles and do the same thing by linking forward to the newer articles. This is pretty easy when you only have 25-30 posts on your blog but becomes a lot tougher when you have 250-300. Nonetheless, for an additional 33% in page views, you may find it well worth it.

    Mike Clough
    America’s Best Business Practices
    Best Business Practices On Twitter