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    To Tweet or Not to Tweet – That is the Question

    August 26th, 2009

    If you’ve been blogging for awhile or even just started you’ve probably asked yourself how you can drive more traffic to your blog. And you’ve probably taken a look at this thing we call Twitter.

    With all this buzz about social media you’ve either set up a Twitter account and never used it, have an active Twitter account and are a rockstar, have an account that you use ever so often, or you ask yourself why all these crazy people care about what each other eats for lunch, right?

    Well let me clarify why you should considering Tweeting and what you might want to Tweet about.  After I’ve convinced you that you should be Tweeting, I’ll come back next week and show you the strategies I use to generate a quality following.

    You should be Tweeting if:

    • People who would be interested in your blog use Twitter
    • Conversations around your blogs primary topic are happening on Twitter
    • There are other people like yourself on Twitter
    • You are looking to generate buzz around a topic, cause, event, or anything else that might be related to you and/or your blog
    • You would like to meet and engage people that you otherwise never would
    • You don’t know if any of the statements above apply to you

    The first step is to see if any of these apply.

    Try these simple steps to find out:

    1. Go to and search for your blogs primary topic. Do people come up? Then search for some things you are interested in. My guess is you are going to find some folks unless you are blogging about some obscure secret government project and you shouldn’t be doing that anyway!
    2. Go to and search for your blogs topic, then start searching for some of your larger tags on your blog. See all those people that come up. They are potential readers of your blog!

    Now the big question: Did you already know any of the people you saw?

    Most likely 90% of the people you see or higher are not already in your personal network.  Unless you are a social media junkie and know all the movers and shakers personally.

    The difference between Twitter and other networks like LinkedIn and FaceBook is that Twitter’s primary “draw” is that it allows you to connect with people who you don’t know, who you likely would never meet without Twitter, and who share a common interest with you.

    So what does that make these people who use Twitter?  First and foremost, potential friends!  Second, them there be some mighty fine potential readers folks!

    P.S. Most people don’t really tweet about minute things like what they eat, unless they are a “foodie” and use Twitter to connect with other foodies. And if they do, its simple:  don’t follow them.

    Make sure to check out my blog and follow me on Twitter!

    Join in on the discussion. Did I miss something?  Love it?  Hate it?  Post a comment, all are welcome.

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