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    Blogging with Attitude and Ego

    August 29th, 2010

    “Last Friday while leaving office with my friend, she  told me to wait for the weekend in the city itself.

    Generally every weekend I visit our financial capital (FC) which is also my hometown to meet my parents and also to attend the class for a technical subject (SAP).

    But me and my friend wanted to see the nearby places of which mostly mountain ranges and some old forts. They are very beautifully especially during this season (monsoon) when these places are lush green and sometime partially covered with fog and cloud.

    She wanted to visit these places this weekend itself. So I canceled all my tasks of FC.

    But really we were lacking of planning about how to move and when to move.

    I must tell you we both have almost common mindset and qualities that’s the reason I like her but unfortunately we even have ego as our matching qualities.

    So with lack of plan and ego we left with one thing in mind that we’ll decide everything on call

    But you know when you have ego it is very hard to co-ordinate. She never called me

    In the city on weekend after several months, alone in my apartment. I was counting on my watch. When it was 10 and still no call from her, I was really frustrated and angry. And my ego was not allowing me to call her.  I had almost decided to break all relationship with her and not to speak to her here after. With this in mind and anger I don’t know when I was in fast asleep.

    With a good nap, all my anger was lost. In fact now I was much worried about her.

    So leaving my entire ego’s aside called her on her cell. She picked up call with her sweet voice

    She had lot of work to complete and it will take a little while to complete, till that time she told me to come to her place. I was somewhat annoyed since even I had my works which I had canceled to spend some time with her.

    But visited her place. Generally trips are way by which I stay in touch with my near and dear once.

    So even if we are with each other for the day, it’s OK.

    I stayed at her place had our lunch and relaxed for some time.

    Evening we went out for a movie. So now I was relaxed.

    After movie we just had a small walk along the street. While walking I told about my annoyance

    And we had a small fight on that. She didn’t say much. But when girls don’t say anything then probably there’s going to be a war soon.

    Don’t know how she would react to this on Monday.

    It is worth to watch, better than that movie.”

    This reminds me of our blogger friends, about their reservations and attitude

    • Like if you have commented on some ones blog, you will expect even him to do the same on your blog. And if he didn’t oblige, then never to comment on there’s.
    • If she commented something against you, even you would do the same. (Equal and opposite reaction)
    • You won’t visit your fellow blogger’s blog first.

    According to me it’s not worth to have such ego and attitude. Definitely you should value your time thing but expects something or some reaction in one shot is not fair.

    We should give others some time to understand, and mark our presence. It’s always good to speak up our mind about what we expect rather than feeding our ego and attitude.

    Many of bloggers must have experienced such things. I’ll love to listen to their reaction on them.

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    BlackBerry and Social Networking

    May 25th, 2010
    BlackBerry and Social Networking

    BlackBerry and Social Networking

    Hi all,

    Enjoying my holidays in Mumbai… very fast and busy city but her seashores have something different to say


    Rahul Trivedi, Software Engineer

    BlackBerry (M): +91-9657019244


    Message Sent from Blackberry


    You can see many such messages across various social networking / community sites including Face book, Twitter etc.

    Few days back I had seen a post of politician who had used blackberry service to answer the queries of his followers

    (prompt reply a great way to show that peoples opinions and queries are important to him and there by increasing trust)

    Blackberry and similar such services along with high end mobile gadget in market mostly targeting these internet geeks.

    In the past few years we have seen increasing use of mobile gadgets for social networking than PC’s.

    These services really help people to stay in touch with subject who matters to them and luxury to stay mobile with least interruption.

    Through this article I am just trying to list down various services and features in high end gadgets which makes socializing a fun to be with.

    • BlackBerry Internet Service

    The primary alternative to using BlackBerry Enterprise Server is to use the BlackBerry Internet Service. It was developed primarily for the average consumer rather than for the business consumer. This service allows POP3 and IMAP email integration for the personal user. It allows up to 10 email accounts to be accessed, including many popular email accounts such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL. There are also special bundles for just MySpace, Facebook, & MSN as well.

    A less common alternate to using BlackBerry Enterprise Server is to use the BlackBerry Desktop Redirector. This software is installed on a desktop computer that has the Enterprise email client installed

    • Nokia

    Nokia is promoting the social networking and sharing features of the compact phone, noting that Facebook and MySpace status updates and favorite contacts are easily visible on the handset’s phonebook. “The new Cseries represents the core of Nokia’s portfolio, focusing on social interaction between friends and family,” the company said in announcing the phone.

    • Sony Ericsson

    Loaded with  Social network tool (Windows Live™ Messenger, Facebook™)

    • Android Powered Mobiles

    Powered with Unique and powerfull application like NavEx (Navigation Exchange Service ) and Commandro

    –          NavEx helps you track location of your friend and exchange data with each other

    –          Commandro helps you set alerts if your friend is within certain radius

    I must have missed many such services for sure.  You all can help me recall about them.

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    Meet Your Blog’s Objectives Using SWOT Analysis

    February 4th, 2010

    Everyone has their own objectives when they begin or expand their  virtual identity through blogs.  Obviously, these objectives may vary from person to person.   Planning helps bloggers to customize their approach in order to meet their respective blogs’ objectives.

    Identification of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOTs) involved is essential for deriving steps in the process of planning



    SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the(SWOTs) involved in a project and/or business venture including blogs.


    SWOT’s themselves are associated with two categories:

    1. Internal factors : Strengths and Weaknesses
    2. External factors : Opportunities and Threats

    SWOT Analysis as applied to Blogging

    Internal Factors: Internal factors in this case are mainly related to skills that a blogger possesses that will help them achieve the defined objective.
    While analyzing internal factors identify all skills that are required and those that other successful bloggers possesses which help them in blogging. Among them the skills that you posses acts as strength while others acts as weaknesses (area where you need to develop your blogging skills).
    One hypothetical individual, for example, might see him/herself as having the following blogging strengths and weaknesses:

    • Strength:
    1. Personal exposure to details or rare views involved  in your topic of your discussion
    2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) skills.
    3. Technical expertise (knowledge of html, database, RSS etc.)
    4. Design skills (web designing, Photoshop etc).
    5. Creativity and Innovation
    • Weaknesses:
    1. Lack of blogging knowledge
    2. Previous failure or lack of knowledge about online marketing.
    3. Writing skills

    External Factors: External Factors are related the environment in which the blogger exists.  Certainly, some of these external factors may be the product of  a blogger’s respective, customized strategy.  Others may be universal to all bloggers and beyond an individual blogger’s control. One hypothetical individual might perceive his/her blogging  as confronting the following opportunities and threats:

    • Opportunities:
    1. Identifying and exploiting new trends in blogosphere.
    2. Joining a new network of people (influential)
    3. Exploiting knowledge and ideas of your existing network (feedbacks and suggestions)
    • Threats:
    1. SEO Problem (change in blog ranking criteria on search engines)
    2. Lack of time to blog (very common due to work pressure)
    3. Technical problems (i.e. closing / ineffectiveness of a web community, server down time)
    4. Change in govt. policies. Restriction on publishing certain facts online i.e. media restrictions (e.g. media and internet restriction laid down by China) may be beneficial for those countries and bloggers need to be aware of them so that they don’t violate certain rules

    Keep in mind that the individual factors composing SWOT — Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats — may themselves lead to generation of additional beneficial blogging strategies.  So it is important not to dismiss factors until the elements of each are reviewed thoroughly. Use SWOT to meet your blog’s objectives!

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    Add your blog to Technorati

    January 28th, 2010

    The site Technorati was introduced to me at the Center for Development of Advanced Computing by an instructor who happened to be CEO of a Software Firm. Through this post I would like to share my findings from my introduction with followers of The Bloggers Bulletin.

    1. Blog Search Engines

    Blog Search Engines are searching technology focused on blogs. They help users to explore the blogging universe more effectively, and perhaps inspire many to join the revolution themselves. Blog Search helps you be updated about any new trend, opportunities in bloggers community and their discussions.

    2. Why Should I Use Blog Search Engines?

    To let others know about your topics of discussion, it needs to be advertized at some place which is common for all bloggers to hit. This gives you and your blog a greater exposure to masses.



    Popular Search Engines for Blogs and Feeds

    • Technorati
    • Google Blog Search
    • Ask Blogs & Feeds
    • IceRocket – blogs and more
    • BlogPulse
    • Blogdigger

    3. What is Technorati?

    Technorati is one of the most popular search engines. It only searches through blogs for the content that you are trying to find. Technorati tracks over 22 million sites and over a billion links, a mind-boggling amount


    4. Add Your Blog to Technorati

    If you want your blogs to appear on Technorati search results, you need to add links of our blogs to Technorati. But to be add your blog, you blog need to have Rss feeds as feeds link need to be provided while adding your blog . For adding link Technorati we can claim our blogs which is available once you have account registered with Technorati.

    Along with links we can also provide tags which are relates to our posts and so that your blog link can appear in search result one of those tags are searched for.

    Thus try to use most common tags which are used by other bloggers as this will increase your visibility.

    To add a blog to Technorati

    1. Open a Technorati Account
    2. Set up your account
    3. “Claim your blog” –This is a Technorati term that simply means give them the URL of the blog where you’re going to use tags
    4. Don’t expect your post to appear instantly when you add the tag. It may take a few hours or even days


    Self-Management and Social Media

    January 24th, 2010

    Management in all business and human organization activity is simply the act of getting people together to accomplish desired goals and objectives.  

    Management comprises:

    “Planning, organizing, staffing, leading, directing, facilitating and controlling or manipulating an organization (a group of one or more people or entities) or effort for the purpose of accomplishing a goal.  Resourcing encompasses the deployment and manipulation of human resources, financial resources, technological resources, and natural resources.”  -Wikipedia

    Your social media use may also require management. I have tried to manage my virtual identity within the various groups I belong to such as blog or groups on Facebook or Linkedin.  Let me share with you few of my steps to manage/ organize myself.

    1. I first categorized various work areas related to me not only in work place but also related to my other activities.  I categorized my online work according to different groups:

    • Socializing  groups
    • Business Groups
    • Knowledge Sharing groups

    (Note:  never mix them with each other or it may have serious after effects)

    2. Then for each group I mention tasks I must perform, their date of completion, and their status and priority.  These are all noted in a tabular format

    This is very important as you need to maintain your presence in your social media groups.  If your virtual presence is business-related then I suggest you plan out your strategy to attract the exact kind of group to your profile.

    3. Then I maintain separate spread sheets (excel , MIS or any thing you find easy to use)   to note down important point or suggestion related to your respective group, which may help you in future.