Blog Marketing

The Power of Twitter

Successful blogs not only contain insight and are written by talented authors, but also develop a brand through creative marketing tactics. Do you have novel ideas and analysis but struggle in attracting followers? I highly suggest utilizing social networking resources, such as Twitter, to generate traffic to your site.

What Every Blogger Can Learn From Project Runway

Full Disclosure: I really do watch Project Runway (with my wife). I have zero fashion sense and have no clue what’s in or out. My fashion sense resolves around not making my wife look bad. For me, this show is about how motivated creative people can rapidly create great things.

Project Runway is one of those shows that you have to find. It used to be on Bravo, but now it’s on Lifetime. If you were to look at the demographics for the Lifetime network, I would be the last person they would ever think would tune in. Yet, this show has a lot to teach blogger’s about the process of creating.

What is Google Wave?

The Billy Bush talk on Twitter in Part 2 of 15 actually followed a previous panel — one which spoke mostly about the new Google application, Google Wave.

According to Google, Wave functions as the following:

” …an online tool for real-time communcation and collaboration. A wave can be both a conversation and a document where people can discuss and work together using richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps and more.”

Early in the talk, Greg Dalesandre, Product Manager for Google Wave mentioned that, “Google Wave and Twitter are cousins if you will.”