Blog Marketing

How to Price Free

People just love free stuff. Free is one of the most valuable marketing tools a blogger has. For a blogger, the cost of free is, well, pretty much free (sans your time). The trick to pricing free is that something has to make up for all that free stuff you give away. Pricing Free Now,…

Your online reputation as content creator

As shared in my previous posts, the time has come for us to seriously think of managing our online persona and reputation. Web 2.0 tools have democratized publishing, blogging being one well known example. But, the lower the barriers to entry, the higher the need for staying relevant: the quality of the content that we are creating and sharing matters as well as how that is perceived and redistributed by others.

Make Your Facebook Page A Community

Facebook fan pages are great! The main reason they are great is because so many people are on Facebook, and when they become a “Fan” of your page, people will receive updates in their feed all about you, your blog, or your product. While it is important to design your Facebook page right, it is…