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What is Google Wave?

The Billy Bush talk on Twitter in Part 2 of 15 actually followed a previous panel — one which spoke mostly about the new Google application, Google Wave.

According to Google, Wave functions as the following:

” …an online tool for real-time communcation and collaboration. A wave can be both a conversation and a document where people can discuss and work together using richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps and more.”

Early in the talk, Greg Dalesandre, Product Manager for Google Wave mentioned that, “Google Wave and Twitter are cousins if you will.”

Deadlines vs. New Software: Bet on The Deadlines To Win

The video from the post Blog World Expo ’09 (Part 4 of 4) could use some editing (As could the video from the 1-3). And I wanted to have that all wrapped up and edited before Monday and Tuesdays, 140 Character Conference.

So I bought a product from Cyberlink, “Power Director 8 Ultra,” that was apparently top-reviewed etc. by numerous review sources.

Vloggers Will Like

I encountered two fellow attendees wearing back-packs with video screens — a very clever means of marketing an idea/company at a location like an Expo.

And I have to admit that once I saw these video back-packs, I temporarily had a hard time diverting my attention elsewhere. So if you ever want to make a memorable marketing impression at an Expo (especially on me) these back-packs are definitely a way to go.

Edit Blog Photos in WordPress Draft – Hint: Use Windows Live Writer

If you use photos in your blogs, you need Windows Live Writer (combined text editor and photo editor for blogs) — keep reading.

If you use a Mac for blogging, it won’t work for you, stop reading.

What can you say about a text editor? It edits text, sure enough, and it’s free, Oh, boy! But you can say the same about many other text editors.

But Wait! An integrated photo editor that’s free, easy to use and customizes high quality pictures for the blogger’s medium – well, that’s almost enough to make inveterate Microsoft-haters stop hating Microsoft (OK, nothing’s that good). Add Podcasts To Your Blog

The Blubrry (not a misspell) booth at the Expo really got my attention. Blubrry offers a plug-in that allows blog contributors to easily add pod-casts to blog-posts.

It all got me kind of interested in adding that plug-in here at The Bulletin. The following shows a few videos associated with my encounters with the Blubrry team.