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Blog like a Barista – Five lessons from Starbucks

Regardless of your coffee preference in the ongoing Starbucks versus Dunkin’ Donuts taste debate, Starbucks has become so pervasive in our world that it bears study. In The Starbucks Experience published in 2007, author JosephMichelli reviews what has made Starbucks not just a new product or service, but part of our current cultural experience.

Old Dogs. Old Tricks.

Here’s a blogging tactic you may want to adopt one day — add on to someone else’s topic. This post is a real example of how it works.

Greg Satel’s post on October 9 is on “learning tips from the media pros.” Read it. It’s great. So great, in fact, that I’m abandoning my original idea for this week and adding a thought on to his. I’m even using a similar graphic to show continuity.

An “Old Media” Guide to Blogging

I recently started a blog which has been surprisingly successful. From the very first month, I had an enormous response. It is still growing briskly and lots of very nice people write me to tell me how much they like my site. It has been a fantastically rewarding adventure!

Themes and Jot Outlines

I recently read a great book called The Writers Coach by Jack Hart. It’s a must have for any writer that struggles with the process. Two tips that I now use every day are: **themes and jot outlines**.