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What Actors Can Teach Us About Tweet-Ups

I think many of us have heard about Tweet-Ups that are forming from relationships developed on Twitter. I keep missing the Pittsburgh Tweet-ups (I never seem to be in town when one is going on), I missed a couple of LA Tweet-up’s over the past year, but I was able to finally attend a recent…

In Building a Social Community are We Becoming Snobs?

To continue our discussions about building a social community, are we in danger of becoming social media snobs? I recently bought an IPhone because too many people were teasing me about using an old-fashioned date book.  True, I find it useful to be connected to email when I’m away from my office for an extended…

Outsourcing Your Blog Writing

Blog writing is hard work. It takes time and effort to write high-quality posts on a regular basis. Because marketers are so busy, more and more are outsourcing their blog writing. That makes perfect sense but there are a few things to consider before hiring someone to do your blog writing. Specifically: