Legal Ramifications

Social Media: Public Policy and Law

The panel which followed Billy Bush’s talk was titled Public Policy and Law and conducted by the following panelists: Glenn Manishin (Tech Lawyer & Web Pioneer), Adrian T. Dayton (CEO, Comrad Esq. & Author of Social Media for Lawyers: Twitter Addition), and Brett Trout ( Patent Lawyer & Author of CyberLaw)

Legal Ramifications

This is a new section of The Bloggers’ Bulletin devoted to the so-called “legal” issues that may arise from time to time in every blogger’s life. These are often thought of as being discrete forms of prohibitions, as in, what can I do or not do in by blog or generally on the web.  When…

Blogging My Way To A New Job Or Not?

I started blogging in January 2009. It all started after a heated discussion at work–how to incorporate social media into our marketing mix.  After writing a sample article and receiving many kudos from my manager and co-workers, my blog was born. To date, my blog has been all about discovery: what if I write about…