SEO for Bloggers

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A burning question for every blogger is “How do I improve my SEO so the search engines will rank my content?” To help answer that question, first, I’ll describe a WordPress plugin called “SEOPressor.”  This is a paid plugin costing $47.  Then I’ll share Brian Clark’s tips on how to create compelling content for the…

Blogging with Attitude and Ego

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“Last Friday while leaving office with my friend, she  told me to wait for the weekend in the city itself. Generally every weekend I visit our financial capital (FC) which is also my hometown to meet my parents and also to attend the class for a technical subject (SAP). But me and my friend wanted…

Outsourcing Your Blog Writing

Blog writing is hard work. It takes time and effort to write high-quality posts on a regular basis. Because marketers are so busy, more and more are outsourcing their blog writing. That makes perfect sense but there are a few things to consider before hiring someone to do your blog writing. Specifically: