Review: Red Hot Internet Publicity

As a professional marketing person myself, I always enjoy hearing others in my field speak to gain perspective on how much I know and don’t know among my peers. Also, what new tools I should apply to my current online marketing efforts.

Social Media Plans for the Coming Year

For those of you who use social media (and this including blogging) as a way to connect with potential customers/clientele, it’s a good idea to look at the current tools in your social media toolkit and then consider which current or new tools you want to use in the coming year.

How Search Engines See Your Website

A blogging friend, who specializes in helping people with web marketing, did a post the other day that I found quite interesting. He diagrammed “How Search Engines See Your Website.” Essentially, the graphics are stripped away and the skeleton of your website remains. The “text-only-view” displays what a search engine robot views and categorizes (reads) so your site can be matched against a search engine query.