Want a custom search engine? Google’s got a tool for that.

Do you have favorite websites that you read and use as references on a regular basis? Wouldn’t it be cool to have a search engine that scanned only those sites when you’re looking for information online? Get this; Google’s got a tool for that called Custom Search. It enables the creation of a one-of-a-kind, special-for-you…

A Storm in the Cloud: Is Google Run By Brain-Dead Robots?

Cloud computing is hot these days, and for most of us The Cloud means Google. We use Gmail to send and receive messages, GDocs to create or exchange documents, and Google Reader to track our favorite Web sites. Those on the Web check their traffic with Google Analytics and monetize their sites with Google’s AdSense. Some of us even use Google’s Blogger to create and host our sites.

Book Review: Inbound Marketing

The concept of Inbound Marketing is for people to find you not for you to find people. This approach uses Social Media to make it easier for your potential fans, followers or tribesmen to find you.

The traditional marketing model (Outbound) relied on you actively pursuing customer or followers. Big companies spent big bucks on this model and it mostly worked but not anymore — Social Media has changed the game.

Writing Your Blog With Word Tracker by Your Side

I just want to be sure you know about a nifty tool called “Word Tracker SEO Blogger.” If you use Firefox, you can add the Word Tracker plugin to your browser and actually see the key words that people are searching as you are writing your blog. So, you can be sure you put your important key words in your copy.

Is Inbound Linking for You? (Part 2)

Inbound links are an important and often misunderstood search engine optimization tactic. Every industry and most every subject has web directories listing various sites and blogs dedicated to their subject area. When your site is listed on one of those directories and a link into your site is provided, that’s an inbound link. Learn Intermediate Tactics in today’s blog.