Social Networking

Social Media Measurement & Analysis

Organizations continue to adopt social media marketing practices at an astonishing rate, yet most still do not work to create highly measurable social media strategies. In a period of time when budgets are scrutinized and executives seek proven methods over experimental tactics, marketers must utilize the plethora of data available via the web to justify large capital investments on social media marketing.

Can Podcasting be beneficial to your blog?

When I switched from a Blackberry to an iPhone I rediscovered my love for Podcasts. I found myself downloading and subscribing to hundreds of them. I would conveniently have them with me during the day and when I would do a remedial task I would listen to the news or any other interest that seems to occupy time that I do not have.

Recruitment through Twitter

You are no one if you are not on Twitter”, a song by Ben Walker is sure to become an anthem for those use social media to communicate every second. Though envisioned as an SMS based social network,Twitter has become a fast and an effective communication tool.