Social Networking

In Building a Social Community are We Becoming Snobs?

To continue our discussions about building a social community, are we in danger of becoming social media snobs? I recently bought an IPhone because too many people were teasing me about using an old-fashioned date book.  True, I find it useful to be connected to email when I’m away from my office for an extended…

Make Your Facebook Page A Community

Facebook fan pages are great! The main reason they are great is because so many people are on Facebook, and when they become a “Fan” of your page, people will receive updates in their feed all about you, your blog, or your product. While it is important to design your Facebook page right, it is…

Our Articles On Facebook, To Date

The following lists articles on Facebook that we at TBB have written in the last 7 months; several of these articles discuss using Facebook, but as part of a larger, cohesive marketing strategy for your business, including your blog: