Why Shorter Is Better

I’m not just a writer, I’m a reader. But like many of you, I have only short, sporadic windows of opportunity to read my favorite bloggers’ posts. When I find myself with a few minutes to spare, I open Google Reader and skim headlines to see what catches my eye. Sadly, an average of three or four articles are intriguing enough for me to want to read more.

Driving With Social Media?

At the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas last week, Ford Motor Company unveiled dashboard innovations that included being able to use Twitter and Facebook from behind the wheel. Streaming internet audio from behind the wheel is one thing, but social media? Presented as Ford’s connectivity strategy, it appears that other auto makers will soon follow suit. Can you say distracted driving?

Lurkers Matter

Every online community or social networks has lurkers- people who read messages but never post, who join groups but never participate. This is a common aspect of online life. I too am a lurker on many occasions online. I read, I think about what has been posted and on many occasions, I compose responses either in my head or on the screen, but never push the send button.