The Best Place To Launch Your New Business Startup

Earlier this year, Penelope Trunk wrote a blog about the best place to launch your startup. The title was, “Starting a Company in Silicon Valley is Stupid”. In her blog, she pointed out that the location for starting a new business, tech or otherwise, should be based on factors other than where the major venture capitalists reside.

What Would Make Internet Advertising Better and More Engaging?

Since the Internet became the go-to place for research, finding information, entertainment and socializing every business large and small has tried to come up with the best approach to branding, product recognition and monetizing their company’s presence on the web. It doesn’t appear that anyone one or any business has really figured out how to do this effectively.

The Direction of the Media Shift

The following is a brief clip I shot at the Social Media World Forum of speaker, Richard Jalichandra, Technorati CEO.

In it, Mr. Jalichandra asked the question that many bloggers probably want to know: who’s making money off their blogs? He answered that Technorati had 1.4 million registered users (Stats revised for 2009) and that 28% of those registered users claimed to either directly or indirectly make money off their blogs

Want a custom search engine? Google’s got a tool for that.

Do you have favorite websites that you read and use as references on a regular basis? Wouldn’t it be cool to have a search engine that scanned only those sites when you’re looking for information online? Get this; Google’s got a tool for that called Custom Search. It enables the creation of a one-of-a-kind, special-for-you…